To the subject :)

19 10 2010

My post are automatically published on my FB profile and this is one of the interesting comments, and of course, my reply 🙂

Vineet: I think the biggest mistake you did is coming for a short period to India and staying in a place like Gurgaon.. You should have stayed in a place like South Delhi, or taken up an internship in Mumbai, which according to me is the best place… in India in terms of the quality of people and safety of women.. New Delhi is the cultural capital of India, so is the Crime Capital.. Its full of beautiful Indian girls and horny Indian men.. I would like to meet you sometime and hear out your rants, but please do not form strong opinions at this age, based on limited experiences.. There is a place for everyone on this planet.. You clearly haven’t found yours here (neither have I to a certain extent 🙂

Me: here goes the long reply:D One year is not a short period of time. Gurgaon isn’t indeed the best place to live but I proved long time ago that I can adapt to 90% of the places. And if I can take daily the local bus and go to office I think I am more adapted to the place that most people are!

I didn’t come in India for sightseeing but for professional development. When it comes to sightseeing India is beautiful and I will never say otherwise. I am actually going travelling this weekend and I am really excited 🙂

I never cared much for the beautiful women, not for the horny Indian men. I never cared much for Delhi party scene. I understood from the beginning is not my cup of coffee and I was never a frequent guest. It’s such a small part of my Indian experience that it’s not even worth mentioning. I guess I was never the social butterfly. That doesn’t mean that I judge the party people. We all find happiness in different things and I have always been a geek at heart 😛 So everyone go do your thing and be happy!

I agree with you that there is a place for everyone and mine is not in India. I am ready to admit I am not mature enough for it and I guess in some ways I will never be. My opinions are experienced based so obviously are subjective. That’s why they are mine! When I have good experiences I write about them. When I have bad ones I write even more.

I don’t hate India. There are many things I don’t like and I don’t consider it incredible. Looking at the definition: : “too extraordinary and improbable to be believed: amazing, extraordinary…” well for me it’s just not like that. There are many beautiful places and I was blessed with beautiful company, both home and at work, Indian and non Indian. Professionally I have met here amazing people and I am grateful for that. But all this doesn’t cover all the ugly things. I chose to speak my mind. Some people like me for that, other hate me. I can live with that 🙂 So make time for a cup of coffee if you want to hear more of my terrible opinions 😛 And I will show you some really nice places in Gurgaon. We can even take the local bus 😀




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