Why are all these things happening to me?

22 10 2010

I guess life wouldn’t be as fun without them!!!

I will get there this weekend... 😀

Have I ever mention that my blog is some sort of therapy? Well here it is.

So I came back from office after a Good Friday. Later in the evening I got a what seems to be a very good news. I will develop later if it is happening or not 🙂 But anyway, it made my night so keep your fingers crossed 😀

While I was doing some more research about  Pushkar and Ajmer, I updated my FB status because of course I got excited!!! And I am also a FB addict!

I have less than 6 months in India and I am trying to travel and see places.  Exactly 5 minutes later I stated feeling really feverish and cold. It’s a nice 38.4. I am not a doctor but on internet it says it’s not so bad… so I have 5 hours and a half to get better. I know I am crazy but I am not postponing this trip. I lost last weekend to the fever. It was my discover Delhi weekend 😦 I am not giving this up! No no no!

Me… having a nice hold Coldrex while contemplating my existence! With all the warm clothes I brought with me from home on! Sniff Sniff 😦





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