The future looks bright, the future looks… Asian :P

26 11 2010

I am leaving India on 23 of December.  I will stay home for a while, doctor’s orders… What to do… my immune system decided to go on strike 😛 So I guess all I need is Romanian weather, Romanian food, family, friends and familiar things… No dengue, malaria, kidney pain, stomach pain, headaches and other plagues…

And after that…

I will be back next year, I don’t know for how long. All I know is that after I will finish my internship next year I will go on an Asia trip!!! I want to do this very badly. I want to take 2 months off my life, next year and wonder around Asia… while deciding what I want to do with my future…

I thought I had all figured out… and than I realized I didn’t. October was pretty hardcore and things changed… I changed… I need time and discipline… It feels I have none right now but maybe next year I will be a better version of myself… hopefully all grown up 😛 and with the immune system in place 😀

I know that planning a trip in Asia in the context I find myself right now isn’t exactly a grown up thing but I believe  sometimes you need to stop, do something you really want, heal all wounds and than start again… With a fresh perspective!

So step I – finish packing, go home, get in perfect health condition

Step II:

Come back to India spring next year, finish my business here, stop in Mumbai and  Kerala for a few days… fly to Bali and start the journey of a life time:

It would look something like this:

Delhi – Mumbai – Kerala – Bangalore – Bali – Singapore – Kuala Lampur – Bangkok – Phnom  Penh – Vientiane – Hanoi – Hong Kong – Taipei  and hopefully Tokyo. Of course I don’t plan to visit just capitals but the plan is ruff so far and it will gain weight once I take some time and put it all on the paper.

After discussing a bit with Diana and Dasha who did this trip more or less the same itinerary, the budget should be around 2000 euros… of course nothing fancy 😀

So, who wants to join? 😀

And I guess I’d better start saving money :P… and if this works out as planned maybe 2014 will see me in an African trip… because that is and will always be my first love!

Me packing, planning, missing, dreaming…

My trip 😀




10 responses

26 11 2010

u girl got certain indian features…believe it ir not…u became unpredictable. I hope you wil calm down back home, gain a different perspective and then take the final decision. Be good sweets….

26 11 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

I guess this is what makes me so lovable 😛 Anyway, on Indian land next year I shouldn’t spend more than 2 weeks… so don’t worry, Europe will not lose me forever 😛

Miss you :*

26 11 2010
Deep C

wow … you’re going places !! get well soon and all the very best for your capital visits 🙂

26 11 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

Well… I am trying 🙂 Thanks 🙂

29 11 2010

I’d like to join!!! I’ve always wanted to go on a trip around the world, but I thought it would suck on my own. Mail me some details, if you want 🙂

29 11 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

I might have to post pone it a bit I am afraid. I was suppose to have April and May 2011 off but after today, things might change 🙂 If yes, it will be in January and February 2012. If not, I will get in contact with you end of January 🙂 So far, we would be 2 merry girls and one strong, hopefully protective guy 😛 Keep in touch 🙂

8 12 2010

Well girl!! I just have read your post and guess everything has already changed many times!! But you have a dream and it will come true one day!! Just don’t postpone it to much and GO for it!!! You definitely should visit those places!!!!
Any information you need, please ask me!! I would be so happy to help!

Go Alexa, go!!!
Go, go, go!!

11 12 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

I have to postpone it till January 2012. I need 2 months off to do it and I don’t have them till then 🙂 Once everything is settled I will send you tons and tons of email with tons and tons of questions 😛 Hugs :*

9 01 2011

Don’t come to Bangalore. There’s nothing to see around here. There are so many beautiful places in the South, but Bangalore isn’t one of them 🙂

14 03 2013
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