Am I prone to accidents, diseases and other plagues?

29 11 2010

Today I got a great news about my work and I was really happy… as a little FB addict that I am, I updated my FB status… 40 minutes later I was in a motorbike accident!

I guess if our bike would be as good/new as this one, life would be easier... or maybe we would have broken bones. Who could resist speeding on a baby like this one?

Why would these things be related?  It’s probably just a coincidence… Just like the one when I was happy to go travelling to Pushkar and 5 minutes later I started having dengue…  Train tickets booked, plans made… all went out in smoke!

Yes, I still believe that somebody up there loves but I think I should stop being so smug about it. HE/ SHE doesn’t appreciate my enthusiastic approach to share the small details of my life, especially the happy ones. Do YOU like me better when I am depressed? I hope not 😀

Or maybe HE/SHE got sick of me not loving India to a certain extent and is trying to tell me “gently” to go home: here’s some eye flue for you, get some kidney infection, some stomach pain, fever… dengue… and the cherry on top of the cake… falling off the motorbike, hurting my hand, arm, hip and knee… Just like that! Actually dengue was worse so it should be the cherry!

It wasn’t even that exciting… NO speeding, NO police after us, NO breaking the rules… just a damn rickshaw and a horrible road… But we are alive and sort of… well. No broken bones at least! I remember the story with Alessandra breaking her collar bone…

I am very proud that after licking our wounds for a few minutes, we dragged our behinds on the motorbike and went home. No, I am not giving this up. It one of the few things that I really enjoy and we are always very careful… Except when rickshaws are involved 😦

There is just too much drama in my life… I am ready to go home for a while 🙂 Lick my wounds. Especially the knee one that hurts like crazy 🙂

Me suffering a bit… Alex, thank you for donating the medicinal alcohol to me… I never thought I will need it 😛

PS: I am going for a tetanus shot tomorrow morning… with my luck lately better safe than sorry! 😐




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