My life must fit in a 23 kg suitcase!

19 12 2010

Yes, once again, I am at that point in my life when I am packing my bags and leaving a temporary home. Each time is exciting, either going or coming I am always happy to be leaving. I don’t know why,  guess I haven’t found my place yet…

Looking at myself, I am not your “normal” 26 years old. [When I say normal I am talking about the image I used to have about being 26 some 10 years ago.]

I am not married, nor planning a marriage any time soon. I haven’t even found that imperfect half with whom I could form a perfect something. I am not decorating my imaginary house, I don’t own a car and I don’t care if my cooking skills are beyond or above someone’s expectations. I still can’t picture myself raising a child… not even 10 years from now! [Married or not] And… as always… I am not in a hurry!

I don’t know if 10 years from now I will have an awesome demanding career in communication, I will lead my own NGO for children and seniors or I will be in a remote place in Africa writing my book. Hopefully, I will be doing all 3 of them.

I feel so young and lucky. Every day so far has been a learning experience and here I am, ending another year with a smile on my face and trying to fit almost 9 months in a 23 kg suitcase. It’s not enough space I’m afraid. I will have to do another trip to the India post with some cartoon boxes on Wednesday. I can’t decide if I should leave behind my books, my shoes, my fancy Sarojini Nagar dresses. 😛

I guess I could leave some here. As of now I will be back around 25th of March. But my life lately hasn’t been quite according to the plan, so I rather not risk it. I have this nasty habit to get attached to my possessions.

Not all the choices I have made in the last year were perfect. Not all the experiences have been the dreamy kind, not all the lessons easy to learn. But I have a smile on my face… And I guess, at the end of the day that’s what really matters!

Me happy… For the 26th year in a row I will be home for Christmas  😀

PS: I took pictures with Santa today… and the Coca Cola truck 😛




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