Feels good to be back :)

9 03 2011

I reached yesterday at 6:30 am and it felt good. Nothing much has changed in 2 months and looking out of the window of the yellow classic cab, I had a strange feeling of coming back home. Which is weird because India after the first 5 months spent here felt like a struggle… I am not very good at handling things I don’t like, I speak up about them and I am emotional… I can never focus on the bright side long enough :My blog was never supposed to be an objective point of view… Its all emotion emotion emotion!

India is a different experience for everyone but an experience everyone should have! It teaches you stuff and you see thing in yourself and around you that in a way you don’t want to know or acknowledge. Its a challenge. For me it was and I am aware that most of the times I didn’t handled it right but I am happy that from this point on I am a better individual… at least I hope I am 😛

I was thinking to make a list with all the things I should do… but how can I pack everything in 21 days? Over the past 5 years I got very good at packing but not that good.

I missed the food…. I realized it yesterday having lunch in the food court. It was so spicy I felt tears in my eyes. So so yummy, I said to myself that I will only have Indian food for the next 21 days 😀

The road in the front of the office is somehow under construction. I think they are working on bringing the metro line here. Which would be great and probably I will never see it 😦 The dust wasn’t as bothersome as it used to be, there is a big flower shop on the side of the road and lots and lots of papaya. This small city has one great quality. Its ALIVE!

I missed the office. Its colorful and full of beautiful people. Friends. Working from home for the past two months had definitely its advantages but being in the office it’s just wonderful. I missed the small talk and the smiles 🙂

It just feels good to be back 🙂




2 responses

9 03 2011

Woow woman, I am really glad ur embracing GGN with such a nice positive attitude….keep on going make it last, have fun, be with ppl who make u feel good….:))) And most importantly….stay strong!!!


18 03 2011
Alexandra Birladianu

Its not the same without you 😦 I have 2 more weeks to enjoy 😛

Hugs :*

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