13 05 2011

Long time no post… I even went private for a couple of days, trying to figure out if this is still relevant for me. Why now? Well, it’s not just now… I truly am a very insecure person, but most of the time my insecurity is well covered by my crazy loving optimism… which kind of suffered for a couple of days. I guess it’s normal when you do finally see you absolutely have no idea about what you really want from your current existence.

I always thought I want security in my life… kind of weird since I chose to look for it in places like Ghana and India… But this is me, always taking the long way. And now I do feel a little bit lost. But just a little. I am fairly sure that my good nature and optimism will make a hit and I will be on my “normal self” track once again.

This time I do plan to go for security… not the Ghana/India type of security… more like the Europe/Home country type. It’s not that the plan wasn’t similar the first 2 times… but I just couldn’t resist Ghana and India… and Thank God I didn’t. They touched my life in unimaginable ways and I miss them so. Ghana a little bit more to be honest 😛 I am afraid I left a big chunk of my heart there… It may also be the fact that I can only remember the good things 😀

But I was speaking about relevance… I stopped and said to myself that the blog, my blog is not truly relevant. And it also has the big flaw that it reveals a lot about my personality, mostly the complaining bits of it :P… So I made it private thinking that I will most probably not write on it ever again.

But then I start reading it and remembering what Ghana meant and what India meant, and all the adventure, and all the moments when I did feel lost and terribly alone. And then I remembered the joy, and the fun and all the good things and I said to myself… If people got to feel 1% of what I felt for the past 1 year and 10 months of my life then this shouldn’t go away. This is definitely not relevant for lots and lots of people. But it’s relevant for me and I do believe parts of it were relevant for some of you… I am happy, so happy I wrote it. Because through it I get to feel once again what I felt each time I wrote after a meaningful moment 🙂

We should never give up the things that made/make us happy. Because those are the things that are really relevant.




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30 05 2011

Keep writing 🙂 Good luck with the next steps!

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