Gurgaon – Do I actually miss you?

10 06 2011

One of the friends I made in India posted this on his FB profile today: Gurgaon: Model City and Cautionary Tale. It brought back lots and lots of memories, mostly the good ones 🙂 I spent around 10 months of my life in Gurgaon and it was quite the experience. Take a look at the link if you want to get a small glimpse of what it’s like 🙂

At the beginning of the week I found out I will move to Belgium starting July. I dreamed about this moment since December 2008, I don’t know why but in a way it has always been my dream place. Accra, Ghana and Gurgaon, India have been, in a way, small stops in the process of getting there. Like I said in earlier posts, I always take the long way… And now that I found another great reason to move to Belgium for a while, I can take a moment to remember what helped in getting there 🙂

Anyway, after I found out about Belgium I spoke with some of my friends from India and I was telling H how much I miss my daily routine, the café latte from Barista, the butter chicken and the mushroom masala, the kulfi, Sarojini Nagar, etc. Most of all I miss the beautiful people I met there. There are so many good people there, friendly and helpful. So many times it happened that complete strangers offered to help. Ghana was also like that and I don’t feel I appreciated it enough at that time. Of course things like visits to FRRO kind of wiped out the good I found in other people but the great thing is that we do forget the bad 🙂

I am horrible at keeping in touch. That doesn’t mean I care less about the people or I think about them less. I just have big issues with writing emails and things like that. I am working on it though…

While I lived in Gurgaon it was pretty hardcore. Small things get to you; the traffic gets to you, the heat, and the people looking at you. But I dearly remember the huge fruit stands at the side of the road, the huge fancy buildings and the colorful rickshaws, the monkey that came visiting our apartment or that beef barbecue on A803 balcony.

I have so much to learn about life. I think, most of all I need to train myself at enjoying the moment more, without looking at the horrible details. I am dedicating the next 12 months for that. My blog will have a new theme: “what I enjoyed most today 🙂 “

Today, I enjoyed most this slide  Gurgaon: Model City and Cautionary Tale. It helped remember that I really had some wonderful moments in India and I can say it out loud… I miss it 🙂

Me happy 😀






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