A taste of Ghana in Belgium :)

11 08 2011

Yes, a month has passed and I am still happy 😀 Maybe I am in my honeymoon period with Belgium but I am not going to analyze it too much… I am enjoying myself and that is that…

But going back to the subject of my post… On Saturday I was very lucky to get a call from a friend asking me if I want to go to the market near Clemenceau metro station… Apparently it’s the biggest market in Brussels. Allured of the idea of Romanian sour cream and “pui cu smantana” and a touch of dill, I got super excited and trust me, I had every reason to be… I am a foodie and that market in my mind is now a big chunk of my Belgian paradise.

fried plantain 🙂

We got there, Bogdan started explaining the architecture of the market, and I found out there are 4 Romanian stores that have a wide variety of products, from Romanian “branza”(cream cheese) and “smantana”(cream) to even Romanian meat products and “pufuleti”. I was grinning happily, buying different things and then I saw IT… PLANTAIN!!!

While I am writing I have this big plate with fried plantain in front of me… Yummy 😀 I didn’t have red pepper or shrimp oil/sauce but I used butter and it’s as tasty as I recall. While cooking it I remembered all kind of things about Ghana and my friends there 🙂 I am not a big fan of Ghanaian food… Fufu, banku and the many types of spicy rice where never my thing but the fried plantain was the one dish I truly enjoyed there… ok, the fried rice with chicken from the Kaneshie market and the egg sandwiches from the side of the road are also a good memory but the plantain… mmm, the plantain 🙂 I used to eat roasted plantain with peanuts, fried plantain, plantain chips… My favorite was the fried soft one and here I am, after a year and 8 months cooking it for myself.

Ghana isn’t Heaven but for me it is so very special and in so many moments it felt as close to heaven as I could be. Looking back I didn’t appreciate so many things and spend lots of times bickering about them. I don’t regret those times, they are part of the experience, I only regret annoying my friends with my behavior 🙂

So here is to Ghana and experiences that shape us 🙂 and of course, to plantain 🙂

Me happy 🙂

PS: I wrote this yesterday evening while enjoying myself in my new kitchenete 😀

PPS: Image taken from Eating Made Easy




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26 11 2011

hmmm yummy yummy….taste…nice ..memories…

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