I amsterdam

16 08 2011

How I learned how to almost ride a bicycle, woke up on a boat, learned that people can wash their teeth while riding bicycles, was “offered” weed in Starbucks and spent some unrequired time in a random train station in The Nederlands. 

I amsterdam 🙂

Ok, so how should I start this? There is always something happening to me… and I never learn my lessons.  I am still in The Nederlands, after I randomly left my printed ticket at Laura’s home and didn’t even realize it. I had to get down the train and get another ticket because I don’t have a credit card and couldn’t buy another one in the IC with my debit one and I just don’t carry that much cash with me. The info office was very lovely; they just let me access my email account and printed my lost online ticket once again with no costs involved. What is another hour and a half in this beautiful train station when I can save 47 euros? I rejoiced for not having a credit card and found a nice spot in the sun to wait for my train. Maybe I will come back with a tan!

Looking around I see I also left my umbrella at Laura’s place. I guess it was just too sunny in Amsterdam 🙂 Maybe I should just go back… Hopefully it will never rain again in Brussels 😀 Anyway here’s this weekend long story.

On Friday evening I took the train to go visit one of my best friends. She lives in lovely Amsterdam for quite some time now and due to my last “trips” in Ghana and India we didn’t spent as much time together as we wished to.

Trying to take the train to Amsterdam, I took a wrong metro in Brussels, almost lost the train and said to myself I will never do that again. (I always say things like that to myself and still nothing changes :P)  But never mind, here I was, Friday 10 pm, in Amsterdam, scaring Laura with a surprise hug while she was patiently looking at me and probably wondering who I was 😀 We went at her house, left my stuff there and decided to go for a beer. I can’t remember the name of the place but there was a camp fire and lovely people so I had a great time. The place looked like a warehouse with lots of pipes and old chairs. I need to check, maybe there is something similar in Brussels 🙂

Saturday morning I decided it was time for me to learn how to ride a bicycle. I’ve read on one of my friend’s blog that it took him 15 minutes. I think he was lying 😀 After almost going into the canal, almost killing a plant and almost bumping into a parked car, now I have this 2 minutes video that proves I can ride a bicycle for 2 minutes. I have to say I am very proud of myself 😀 I will visit Amsterdam more often, just to practice and embarrass myself in this beautiful country.

the kind of view I would love to wake up to 🙂

Anyway, after finishing the lessons and feeling terribly proud, we decided to go sightseeing. Laura showed me the Red Lights District and I discovered there is also a Blue Lights District where drag queens “perform”. We walked around, and because I am still under Brussels’s influence, I didn’t mind the rain one bit. I really like this city; it’s a great place to be in…

Going out Saturday night my knowledge about the world got broader. I discovered that people over 50 know how to have fun too and they seem to know the club scene quite well. Mature women dressed like teenagers with their respective dates dancing on Faithless music… I wanna be like that when I am over 50, minus the outfits of course. The place was called Panama and I had the best night in a very long time. Laura’s friends are pretty awesome, even if they aren’t over 50 🙂

The party ended at 4 pm, some details really must stay untold (no, I didn’t take any drugs and I didn’t get drunk). After we were nicely told to leave we ended up on a friend of a friend boat. Apparently is common here for people to live in boats. After I hit the couch, the sleep blissfully came to me and I woke up, totally frozen but ready to start the day. I realized that I wouldn’t like to live on a boat, no matter how cool it sounds or how romantic it might be for some people… Well, I was never a romantic anyways.

On our way home we stopped in Starbucks and while we were enjoying our coffee, a very random looking guy asked us how we plan to spend the day. We were wondering what exactly he wants when he just pops out the weed from his pocket and show us all his teeth. He put the weed back after a while, I guess we didn’t look very enthusiastic at such a sight and we just continued with our morning.

The weather was incredibly sunny so we hit the city once more.

Amsterdam is 3 hours away and it’s totally worth it to come for a weekend. I plan to do this quite often as the Benelux train tickets are a pretty good deal, of course when you don’t leave yours at home!!!  The city isn’t expensive and with good friends the weed is not necessary in order to have fun 😛 I would totally love to live here and if I decide for a master I think I know the best place to do it in 🙂

I hope you guys had a great weekend too 🙂

Me happy!

PS: Written yesterday, on my way back from Amsterdam 🙂




One response

4 09 2011

I was not lying :)) I have a witness aswell.
proud of you any way 😀

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