Je suis célibataire OR The household designated slave?…. That is NO question!

30 11 2011

I normally love my French lesson but last night I got a bit annoyed. Besides the many dating scenes and “je suis célibataire” sentences that make me cringe (it feels like every person trying to learn proper French is doing so in order to get a French/Belgian partner/husband/lover/provider/etc), last night our lovely book presented a day in the life of a house wife…. if I truly had a nightmare, that was it!!!

As long as she is living her dream 🙂

Poor woman, waking up first, making breakfast for the entire family, taking the kids to school, missing the bus, taking the kids from school, going grocery shopping, carrying the bags up the stairs because the elevator was broken, cleaning the entire house, preparing dinner, doing the dishes… and finally being told by the lovely “newspaper reading” husband that she “should join a gym”. Of course, my favorite scene was the end when she took the pot with warm soup and poured it in his head –a  great way to end the lousy day!!!

Being realistic, the entire page was meant to be funny and in a way it was. What was not funny was when the few male specimens we have in class started to share how their wife’s/partners days are extremely similar with the one described in our story.

We were changing impressions and of course when it came my turn to speak I couldn’t keep it to myself and I said that I could never be that kind of woman. The feedback came from one of the lovely gentlemen in my class, something similar to “poor you!” Yes, I would rather be poor me… than be poor him 🙂

Yes, I still cringe when I remember their faces… It’s not because I am a feminist and I believe women should be in a constant competition with their partners, and of course win… but because I do feel that the point of being in a relationship is sharing the good and the bad, the diner and the cleaning of the dishes… Laughing out loud and bragging about the fact that you are reading the paper while your wife is the house hold designated slave it’s not a mark of pride, but a mark of the lesser being you are!!!

OK, I guess I needed something to annoy me and remind me that we are not all living the lives we should, and that are still parts of this world where women are perceived as the designated slave of the house hold… And yes, I will never be a house wife…




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30 11 2011

I totally agree with your views!
We have a rule: whoever cooks for the other, leaves the dishes and the other cleans them. As we don’t have 2 sinks to share the cleaning of the dishes, I think it works quite well. And that is just an example 🙂

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