Doing the right thing is always harder…

1 03 2012

I witnessed a car break-in last night. I still feel unsettled, strange… I thought about calling the police only after I got home… and I did it only after I called a friend to ask for advice… That was a good 10-15 min later. I feel ashamed. I should have called from the bus, especially after the 2 guys waved at me from the street… They were already 10m away from the car, maybe more… But for a moment I thought maybe I was wrong. Maybe they were just walking on the street, being nice… But then there was the cocky smile…

Yesterday was Karen’s last day in the office. We went out for dinner and afterwards I decided to walk home… I love walking in Brussels, especially when the weather is nice…

On my way home I felt my ankle bothering me so I decided to take the bus from Place Ambiorix. It’s only 2 stops but it’s not exactly the safest area in Brussels and I always ask myself how fast can I run if there is a need to? I was waiting in the station when 2 young men passed by me. At that point I was already starting to walk down the street thinking the bus is taking too much time to arrive… But one of them told me to stay and wait for the bus because it’s coming very soon.  A few minutes later I heard a noise, like glass being broken. I looked and I saw two shadows behind a black car. The bus came right away and, as I was hopping in, it crossed my mind that maybe the 2 very helpful young men from before were actually helping themselves when they told me to wait for the bus.

As the bus passed the car, I saw the back window broken and my fears were confirmed… The 2 young man wearing hoodies were walking down the street very fast. When we passed them, one waved at me and flashed me a cocky smile…

For a brief moment I thought about going back… but something stopped me…  I always overthink things. I always try to be very sure of what I am saying/doing. Accusing somebody of car break-in is a bit extreme for me… I feel ashamed. I should have stopped the bus, say something to the driver, run after them, take a picture, something, anything… Now there is somebody out there with a broken into car… I remember the feeling I had in Ghana after being robbed… I never got back my things and they probably never caught the guy… You feel so helpless… After that I told myself I will never feel helpless again… and here I am…

I gave a description to the police… maybe, who knows, they will catch them… At the corner of my street there is another car that was broken into… I don’t know its story but I hope somebody did something more about it…




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4 04 2012
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