Thailand, Anna and “Sanuk”

7 04 2013

Bangkok, The Floating Market and Ayutthaya

I spent 15 days in Thailand this year and it was indeed a dream come true. While other people dream of babies, house ownership and advanced career development, I dream about seeing the world!  I mean the entire world and Thailand was very very up on my “to travel to” list. Hopefully October will mean another “dream destination” coming true.

First half of our day in B

First half of our first day in Bangkok

We arrived on the 1st of March and while I consider myself an experienced traveller, I learned that day that I am still prone to stupid mistakes. We landed at 6 am and, instead of going for a nap and wake up with new strength, we started exploring Bangkok right away and my SPF 20 protection felt like none existent. We travelled without accomplishing anything, except, in my case, a sun burn and a case of self-doubt.  For every temple we wanted to see, we were told that it’s closed at that time or for the day and of course, we were recommended more expensive ways to pass our time. After a visit to “pier 7” hoping for a boat ride, we gave up and went back to our hotel via the Thai version of the tuk tuk.

After a few hours of sleep we woke up just in time for dinner and from that moment on, everything went smoothly. We ate in a very nice place, full of locals. We went there because it was full of Thai people looking like they were having the best meal of their lives. And it was great. We discovered EST Cola and although I am not a cola drinker of any brand, even that felt good. Maybe because it was cold and we were in Bangkok 😀

Feed them by your dead skin!

Feed them by your dead skin!

That evening we walked around the area our hotel was in, had some more amazing food, great fish therapy for our exhausted legs, we indulged in a bit of shopping and simply got to know the place… and the 7/11 store.  😛 We booked a trip for the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in the Ratchaburi Province for the next day and I went to sleep with a satisfied grin.

If you read about the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, you will find out that it’s full of tourists and you should skip it and go for another floating market. Well, I think it was lovely. I wasn’t bothered by the small jams on the canal, of the multitude of vendors and people. I think it has a charming atmosphere and our half day trip was pretty cool. Of course, by 10 am we were out of the canal and going to a small Thai village. Unfortunately I did not catch the name, but I am sure it’s very touristy as well 😀 It was included in our tour and remains one of my favourite parts of the entire trip. I loved this day. It was full of colour, happy people, and good food, and in general a sense of peace and well-being.  The only disappointment was the size of my head as none of the pretty hats would fit… well, it’s not like I can do anything about this anyway 😀


The market

We came back to Bangkok at noon, went to the palace and the surrounding area, we saw the reclining Buddha and a few other places and by evening time, I was already in need of a nap. That night Anshu and I went to Siam Niramit, allegedly Thailand’s “must-see” show. Well, don’t go if you are tired. The costumes and the music are beautiful, but I felt asleep 3 times during the show so I guess that says it all. Of course going back to our hotel, we got lost and we panicked a little bit but everything was all right at the end.

Our third day in Thailand was dedicated to Ayutthaya. I truly believe it’s a must see if you are passionate about ruins, temples and history. I love it; truly loved it and I think I took photos of every stone and every Buddha possible. We met a Buddhist monk, well more like my friends did, I just took pictures; I found a hat big enough for my big head and at times I felt like we were intruders by stepping on the green grass and looking at the pieces of history reminiscent from an era long gone. I wonder what of value will we leave behind for our descendants to look at 1000 year from now. If our world will live to see it! For me this day was both fun and very instructive as I am was not at all familiar with Buddhism, or with the Thai history.



In my next post I will write about the party islands, as little time as we spent there, and about why I hope to return to Thailand every 2 years at least 😀

Me happy 😀




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7 04 2013

I like your comment ‘While other people dream of babies, house ownership and advanced career development, I dream about seeing the world!

Me too! Seeing the world and having the freedom to roam as far and wide as I please! I am paying off a mountain of debt at the moment to allow me to properly follow my dream to travel more…and more…and more….!!!

7 04 2013

Hey 🙂 Thank you for checking out my blog. I am lucky I am debt free at this point in time, but it’s not easy in this economy 😀 I am not going to buy a “house/car/that black Tom Ford dress I am dreaming since the Hunger Games premiere” any time soon and I’ve learned to travel sort of “low cost” 😛 I love your blog btw, best of luck with your journey towards debt freedom!

14 04 2013
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