Stockholm <3

2 04 2014

It was high time for a Brazil reunion, so Little Monkey, The Botanist and Lady Churrasco met in Stockholm for 3 days filled with laughter, good news, good food, amazing sights… and so on. Lovely love love… trying not to use “amazing”, “wonderful”, “best time ever” and other superlatives I am guilty of using on a regular basis.

To be honest, while I was super excited to meet Mari-Anna again, {yes, Brazil with the girls was that good}, I was not sure about Stockholm. A few friends told me it’s a beautiful city, but there was always a certain reluctance… you know the rumors…. “darkness”, “it’s super cold“, “can be gloomy”, “humorless people“, etc. I didn’t want my expectations to be too high, although we had wonderful things planned. Wrong, wrong, wrong… and how happy I am to say it!

We arrived on Friday at 1 pm and the city welcomed us with sun and open arms. The “gostosas” had landed! Ha 😛

Mari-Anna could only meet us after work so we roamed around in Gamla Stan, getting a feel of the old city. The locals were sitting in the sun, their faces embracing the warmth and us embracing their “feel good” smiles. I had this incredible sense of peace and of being in the right place at the perfect time. I loved the fact that we were surrounded by people, the small shops waiting to be discovered, the shape and color of the buildings, the restaurants, the flowers in the windows, people on bikes… In one word, the city breathes creativity at every single corner and I basked in it just like total strangers were basking in the sun. I was once again, a happy traveler!

I could talk about it forever, but here are the main highlights:

o   Food: Dining in the dark at Svartklubben

o   Water: The Stockholm Winter Tour boat ride

o   Fun: Cupcake STHLM, the HIMLEN sky bar and meeting Simona

o   The city: Walking in Gamla Stan, Lena M’s design shop, the moose burger

o   Home: Breakfast at Mari-Anna’s apartment and the rabbits 🙂

By the end of this week I will publish a story for each one of them, I promise 🙂 I have them ready to go and as I am heading for NY on Monday, I don’t want to postpone them indefinitely… I am sure there will be lots to say about NY too and I can’t wait!

Me happy 🙂


Stockholm sun


red, white and blue… how perfect 🙂


Fairytale houses everywhere 🙂


Let’s start early… today and every day!


I love the details: the man in his office, the people having lunch, the flowers…


Lena M’s Shop… its like Wonderland!


Sugarland or yummy land or… NO NO YES 😀


This is how I also imagine a perfect Saturday 🙂


Yup… this is a HOSTEL 🙂


I want to be a sailor and roam both oceans and seas




Will be remembered as “the moose burger place”




Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake





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