29 11 2014

We spent a few days in July in Pula and Rovinj, too little time to really appreciate the place, so I am hoping to go back soon. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Croatia until this year. What was I thinking? I don’t think it’s Europe’s “best kept secret”… or maybe it is.

The sun, the Adriatic sea, the food, people, colors, architecture, flowers everywhere, and I can go on! It was lovely walking around in Rovinj, without a definite purpose, just enjoying the city and all the artsy places that make it so charming. It’s the heaven of handmade objects, naive art and clothes simply hung to dry in the sun. Carefree!

If I would live here I would be perfectly content. Just going to the market for fresh fruits in the morning and lying on big rocks with a good book and the sun in my hair in the afternoon. Obviously, eating ice cream three times a day at Chocolat on Carera 65 street.

What a perfect fantasy!

The sun kissed Rovinj

The sun kissed Rovinj

No 46 Blue - could be "home"...

No 46 Blue – could you be “home”?…

Let's leave it all to dry in the "open"

Let’s leave it all to dry in the “open”

Go out for coffee,

Go out for coffee,



and art!

and art!

Discover new places in this old city...

Discover new places in this old city…

Not think about the future...

and make friends with dreamers, they are the best kind!

Le’s not look for pirates 🙂

Could this be the place?

This can’t be their place!

They ran in the sunset, the old man used to say!





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