The City of Life (?)

30 11 2014

City of Life, City of Lights, just not my kind of city.

The first stop on our way to Australia was Dubai. We were planning to go around and see as much as possible in the limited  time we had available but then we discovered the pool in the apartment complex Darius, our host, was living in and nothing else mattered. The weather was perfect to laze around in the pool, but too hot to actually enjoy any sight seeing.

It’s good we booked the tickets to go to Burj Khalifa in advance otherwise  we would have never left that pool. As we didn’t see much of the city, it would be unfair to make any judgements.

I’ll leave it to that and a few pictures I took on the trip.


The pool and the city view, the choice was clear 🙂

Tourists in Burj Khalifa

Tourists in Burj Khalifa

Foggy view from the top

Foggy view from the top. Buildings and more buildings…

Not my best photo moments :)

Not my best photo moments 🙂




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