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Living my life one dream at a time, casual writer, book lover, travel addict, foodie, advocate for STEM education…

I started this blog a few days before my departure to Ghana in 2009. I spent there almost 6 months, incredible times… so if you get the chance to go there, do so. It touched my life and I will always love it 🙂 I continued the blog after deciding to go to India. I spent there 10 months with great people, great food, great experience. Not all sugar and honey but with lots of masala and smiles 🙂

At the beginning I wrote this blog as a way to keep my friends posted with my adventures, both in India and Ghana. I continued it as a way to keep alive all the good things that keep me smiling and crying…

I hope you are enjoying it!


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2 12 2009

Lucky you going back to Romania!

3 12 2009


10 02 2010

Hey Alexandra,
I am Stef, from AIESEC Cluj.
At the time being I am thinking of an internship in SW Global in Ghana – just had my first interview with someone from the company today – and was wondering about the required visa procedures for Romanians.
Could you please give me more information about the process? If you have time do send me an e-mail at stefania.crihan@gmail.com
Looking forward to your reply.
Have a wonderful day!

10 02 2010

Hey Stef,

Good luck with your internship 🙂 Regarding my visa, the Ghanian MC took care of everything. I just sent them a scan of my passport and in one week I received the entry visa for Ghana. When I got there, again they took my passport and pictures and they applyed in my behalf for a resident permit. I didn’t even see the Emigrations Office. This I all the info I can give you and I will e-mail you a copy of my entry visa 🙂 For the entry visa I had to pay 100$ fee.

Take care,

25 04 2010

Alex. I like your blog… Really nice !!!

26 04 2010

😀 I am happy you like it 🙂 Hugs

22 07 2010


I am a EP from @ Mumbai.. going to Ghana for my internship. What are the thing i should watch out for?? Also what are the must do things in Ghana??
Which LC in India are you based in?? And for how long??


25 07 2010

Dear Roh,

Congratulations for your decision to go to Ghana. It will be a beautiful challenge 🙂 I will reply on private with all the details of my experience there and some email addresses of some really great people that are still there 🙂 Best of luck 🙂

17 08 2010

Salut! Eu tocmai mi’am inceput internship’ul in India si mi’am facut blog. Am facut o sectiune cu link’uri catre alti oameni care sunt sau au fost in India si as vrea sa il pun si pe al tau. Sper ca nu te deranjeaza.

17 08 2010
Alexandra Birladianu

Buna 😀 Sigur ca nu 🙂 Deci esti in Bangalore? Am o prietena acolo, a ajuns cam de o saptamana si e un pic pierduta 🙂 E ok daca ii dau mail-ul tau, poate va intalniti?

17 08 2010

Da, e ok. Eu tot de o saptamana am ajuns, dar nu stiam ca mai e cineva din Romania in Bangalore. Poti sa ii dai si numarul meu de telefon de aici: 9060462584

27 12 2010

Buna Alexandra! Eu si logodnicul ne mutam in Ghana la inceputul lui feb si asa m-am bucurat cand am vaz un blog al unei romance in Ghana, ca sa ma desumflu cand am citit ca ai plecat deja:) As aprecia un sfat, doua… despre viata in Accra si ce ar trebui sa stiu inainte sa ajung acolo.

Multumesc si have fun in continuare in calatoriile in jurul lumii 🙂


5 01 2011
Alexandra Birladianu

Buna 🙂

Iti trimit un mail un pic mai tarziu 🙂 Mult succes acolo si sper sa va placa la fel de mult cat mi-a placut si mie 🙂

5 03 2011

Hiya. Just came across this website while browsing other stuffs .I am an Indian settled in asia pasific region .

I really feel sorry for your experience in India . Felt little ashamed as well 🙂
I can totally understand your hatered towards few people who have annoyed you . You may be correct ! Its just that you are sharing wt you have experienced .

I wish you good luck and all success for your future ..

18 03 2011
Alexandra Birladianu

Thank you Vivek 🙂 India was a very good experience for me, not easy but great 🙂 My blog is very subjective and I believe everyone should have his/her own experience and draw their own conclusions 🙂

Best regards,

2 03 2012

I love your blog!!! thanks for sharing all these things!
all the best, colombe

2 03 2012

Thanks you :* It means a lot to me 🙂

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