Let it snow :)

6 11 2009

I had a little access to Facebook this morning and I was reading people statuses… of course the ones about snow punched directly to my heart 🙂 I love snow… I like the winter with the Christmas, the hot wine, Santa Claus and the family around the Christmas tree. I like the Christmas holidays because it’s that time of the year that I will always spend with my family, no matter what 🙂

When I went to Shoprite last weekend I had a very good laugh. The entire store was decorated for Christmas. Its 31 degrees outside! It’s hard for me to imagine Christmas when I am wearing shorts and I am drinking cold juice in a failed attempt to chaise away the heat 🙂

God… I can just imagine… It will be fun going back home. Leaving Ghana in shorts and landing in Vienna with only a leather jacket and snickers. But until then… I will enjoy the summer a little bit more :)… It will be fun to have them both in December 😛 First the summer and then the winter, with no autumn in between 😛

Me…  getting ready for the weekend 🙂

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