Rotten apples…

18 06 2010

There is a Secret Delhi in India… maybe not so secret once you get in here… It’s populated with all kind of people… wanna be’s, party organizers, players, naïve girls, not so naïve, Indians, expats, East Europeans, rich people, people that want very badly to be rich, girls flashing their Louis Vuitton bags, girls wanting a Luis Vuitton bag, interns, call girls in disguise, nice people, not so nice people, wolves dressed in lamb skin… and the list can go on and on…

The temptation is everywhere you go after 10pm… Like beautiful beautiful apples. Almost perfect… and you don’t realize that is all a mask till you take a bite… I was tempted and I took one… a very small one… It was sweet at the beginning… The truth is I have always enjoyed the game… But while chewing my little bite with my East European teeth, it became bitter… just like the game!


“Only interested in Russian, Ukrainian and East European Women 🙂 :-)”, „I don’t like PDA” (Public Display of Affection), „I want to spoil you!”, „I want a Russian pool dancer” and the list may go one… I asked myself in the last couple of weeks if I want this, all this… Can I handle it? Do I want to handle it? The answer is no. I don’t want this and I can’t handle it… I am not a player… I don’t want to be one 🙂 If somehow I gave the wrong impression, I apologize 😛

The kind of hug I need can’t be found in „The Secret Delhi”. There is no real affection in there. No real honesty… I sometimes do mistakes in my experience… I don’t regret one single mistake I made in the past 25 years… Hopefully I will be wiser in the next 25… The easy way is so tempting sometimes… but in this life nothing comes for free… no matter what the beautiful red apple says 😛 Am I temped for a second bite…? Maybe… Some red apples are sooo mouth watering… but Secret Delhi did teach me an important lesson… I can stop whenever I want to… I guess the time is now 🙂

So I will be careful from now on… I am here for the good reasons and today proved that to me once again… I know who I am… I have the capacity to understand and forgive myself for my mistakes… and I never repeat them 🙂

Goodbye Secret Delhi… I know you won’t miss me… I was barely there… I won’t miss you either… from now on you are barely there for me 🙂 Thank God for the right happenings at the right time 🙂 Somebody up there loves me 🙂

India I love you, with or without „The Secret Delhi”

I love Bikes :D

13 06 2010

At the beginning of my experience in India I was planning to learn how to ride a motorbike 🙂 I haven’t so far. Below you have some pictures that express the results of my biking lessons 😛 I have also learned that if the Indian police discovers you without a driving license while driving, you can be deported… which I don’t intend to be 😛

Balancing... it looks easier than it is 😦

Anyway, this doesn’t stop me for riding a bike, almost every morning 😀 Diana, my friend from Colombia, takes me to work with her motorbike from time to time… And I love it. It gives me such an amazing feeling of freedom…. In my heart I know that by the end of the summer I have to have a driver’s license and a motorbike… I just have to 😀 But first I have to learn how to ride a bicycle. That’s my next project in India 😀 Till then I will never be able to balance a motorbike! Next time I am seeing my parents face to face I will reproach my lack of education in certain areas 😛

Well... that's the plan for now 🙂

Today I went shopping in Delhi with Dasha. We went by bike, of course. It was awesome… I usually dislike the word, but right now it expresses perfectly the feeling I had on the motorbike… It’s addictive, like the Mango smoothie in Barista or the Mango Bliss in Melting Moments. Like high heels and chocolate… better than… well, I guess you understand what I mean 😛

The air, the heat caressing your skin… The wind playing with your hair… people giving you funny looks on the street. There aren’t too many blond white girls on motorbikes in Delhi… And Dasha and I are both blondes so you can imagine the amount of attention we get while having a ride in the city 😛 They can look, but they can’t touch… They can judge but they can’t yell it…

The one and only thing I have always appreciated in my existence was my freedom… Nothing will ever change that. Today was a very good day for science, well… better said for shopping 😛 And the little storm cooling the air was a blessing…

India I love you 🙂

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