The weekend stories: It started with an awesome U 20 World Cup final and ended with climbing Afadjato (the highest mountain in Ghana :P)

19 10 2009

I had an amazing weekend. Actually every time I am leaving Accra I am having an amazing time 🙂

On Friday night I went to see the Ghana – Brazil U 20 World Cup Final (football = soccer). It was an amazing game. I don’t know much about football but I lived that game with such intensity. We were in Champs, most of us cheering for Ghana, and the atmosphere was amazing, absolutely amazing. And they won… The Ghanaian players were praying on the field… I will never forget the face of the goalkeeper before the 11 m penalties. He was on his knees, praying. Again, I will never forget the face of the Brazilian players after the game… Some of them were crying. The way the room was reacting when the Ghanaians missed or scored 🙂 I didn’t felt like that at any game with Romania playing! People weren’t in Champs. For the duration of the game they were there, on the field, in the stands, in pain when the players where in pain, cheering when they were scoring. I don’t know if from the football standards point of view it was a good game, but from my point of view, it was amazing 😛 And nobody in that bar ever used a curse out loud.

The Ghanaian Team

The Ghanaian Team

After the game, feeling all very happy, we went to Casper House for the Oktoberfest organized by the German Embassy. I wish we would have stayed in Champs. It was a disappointment. Expensive and not fun at all!!! We expected German beer… we found Star beer at triple price. We expected German music… we found the Ghanaian music we are hearing every day. I didn’t try the food, way too expensive for an intern like me…

We decided to leave after 20 minutes. We wanted to go to Monsoon but Oxford Street was a disaster. Too many happy Ghanaians celebrating the victory 😛 The traffic was horrible. We (as in William, Sahil and I) ended up in Ryan’s Irish pub… which was kind of empty. We left again after having a beer. We ended up in Monsoon, feeling sorry we left Champs. We decided to go to sleep early, since we were having another trip on Saturday 🙂

Trip to Wli Waterfall and Mount Afadjato – a “must see” if you come to Ghana 🙂

Oh yes, everything was so great. And when I say great, I don’t speak only about the view!

We left Ghana around 7:40 and we had a 3 hours ride with the tro tro in order to get there. It wasn’t a bad experience but I will not miss the tro tro when I leave Ghana! We stayed at “Bernhard und Sabine Waterfall Lodge”. They are a German couple who discovered the place in 2000 and decided to make the lodge. Everything was great. The rooms, the food, and yes… the view. From the porch we could perfectly see the Wli Waterfall. They were so many shades of green, so many butterflies, the air incredible fresh… and the parrot saying “Halo” when we were turning our backs at him. It was like a fairytale…

On Saturday we went and we saw the Waterfall. We refused the guide 🙂 wli1From the Waterfall Lodge to the Wli Waterfall it’s a 10 – 15 minute walk. I think we saw more than 5 rainbows when we got there 🙂 I can hardly wait to have access to Facebook and Flickr again and post the pictures we took 🙂

William, Sahil, Lorena, Lisa and Stefan dived in. I was happy just taking the pictures 🙂 Another thing that was amazing was the number of bats flying across the Waterfall. Their home is the mountain. You could see them upside down on the mountain walls. So so many… A Ghanaian boy scout (at least this is what they appeared to be, or maybe they were in the army) managed to catch one bat and he was stretching its wings. Simply horrible… The poor creature was scared and most probably in pain… and its eyes… the image will stay with me for a long long time!

We took some more pictures and went back to the Waterfall Lodge. We spent time on the porch, reading and enjoying the view. For the first time in my life I saw glow-bugs. It was amazing 🙂 They were so wonderful, tiny little creatures flying in the air. Dinner was another happy moment. It was Sabine’s birthday so we had the possibility to order German dishes… and I ate mushrooms for the first time in Ghana. I love mushrooms! I could eat mushrooms every day! The food was so delicious, I would go there again just for that!

I went to bed at 8 pm and I had a really great night sleep. Again for the first time in a long while… In Accra, because of the heat, I can’t sleep very well L I was up and happy at 5:45 am. After a great breakfast… the bread wasn’t sweet, so this is what made it so great… we left towards Mount Afadjato. This is the highest mountain in Ghana… don’t get excited… it only has 880 meters above sea level… On our way up I thought I was going to die… I didn’t and when we got there, the view compensated for all my distress 🙂 Volta region is really amazing and hiking wearing sandals isn’t that bad 😛

We came back, took a shower and headed towards Accra… This time we had a tro tro with air conditioning, so the ride was much better. At 8 pm we were at my house.  It was the end of another great weekend outside Accra 🙂

If you go there, get accommodation at the Waterfall Lodge. It’s really wonderful 🙂 I am thinking to go there again… just to sit on the porch and read a good book! The view is worthy of a 4 hours ride with the tro tro!

Me happy 🙂

PS: I will come back with the pictures, soon I hope 🙂

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