The weekend stories… my first contact with the Ghanaian police!

28 09 2009

Don’t worry… nothing bad happened… I am just a little bit disgusted… So Saturday night, William, Sahil, Aqua and I were heading towards the Indian Temple in Osu for a dancing festival. We were happy, listening to music, laughing in the car and most important, respecting ALL the traffic rules…


At a certain moment, we see this police officer following us and telling us to stop our car. He wasn’t in a police car, he didn’t identified himself, he just said we crossed a red light, which we didn’t! He started arguing with us that he saw us crossing that light… The bottom line… he wanted money… he wanted us to fill his tank with gas… I was so pissed!

We were late for the festival so in the end we decided to give him money… I feel bad right now, we like encouraged corruption, but the thought that we would have spent hours in a police station, especially a Ghanaian police station washes the entire quilt I am feeling. And what pisses me of is the fact that we didn’t cross a red light, and we did respect all the rules!

We decided not to let that ruin our night 🙂 The Indian festival was really nice, we danced, played with sticks… nobody was hurt in the process 😛 It was a really nice evening 🙂

I am still pissed with the way they do some of the things in this country… “Hey, there’s an obrouni driving a car… let see if we can make some money out of it!” I know that not all the police officers in Ghana are like that, but I am still pissed!

Have a great week my darlings!

Me happy

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