A little soul searching… :P

12 09 2010

I am looking at the rain hitting our windows… I think I read somewhere that rain depresses people… I am not depressed… I am sick of rain though… Rain in India is so different than rain in Romania… I like it more there, although I can’t say why exactly… It must be all the green that surrounds my parent’s house… I miss Copou hill right now… and the autumn there…

There is a season I cannot really identify here… I think it’s because I am in love with the Romanian autumn… it’s all the colours, the way the scenery changes day by day, the way people and cities prepare for the winter… and of course my birthday 🙂 Soon enough:)

I miss the smell of my mom’s apple pie, the “get together” with the girls, Mario… and I miss my cat… I spoke with my mom yesterday on the phone… nothing seems to have changed there… except I am not there… I should be used with this by now… but somehow I am not and I know I will never be… I just have to learn to live with it 🙂

I did a lot of thinking lately. I don’t feel that young anymore and I am trying to figure out where I want to be next year… Do I want to be in India still, do I need a new adventure, maybe in South America… ? I do want to be able to say one day that I have communication experience on all continents… but I am so tired of running from one location to another, with 20 kg luggage and a new dream, a new hope for my future… I know I want one thing… and it’s really not much… a job I love and a job that can help me afford a plane ticket every few months to visit my family and friends… I am not asking that much,  am I? 😀

Life is easy but I am always making it so complicated… I hope this Christmas will bring the solutions to my dilemmas… Meanwhile I know that Saturday it’s going to bring a huge smile on my face… Cosi is going to be here, bringing with her small pieces of home 😀 I am really looking forward to that…

Me… feeling old 😛

One for the sad ones 🙂

One for the happy ones 🙂

Feeling powerful :)

10 07 2009

When I arrived in Ghana I got scared… At the beginning I hated to admit it. I blamed the country, I blamed the internet for not offering enough information about this “god damn place”, I blamed Microsoft for refusing me, and I blamed myself for deciding to come in such a place…

For one week I forgot how much I wanted to work for Ogilvy, I forgot that it was love at first sight with the job description; I forgot that I wanted my internship to change something in me… I forgot that it is my dream to live for a period of time on each continent… I forgot that it is in my power to be strong and happy!

It took one 50 min long walk from office to my new home, on the heaviest rain that I have experienced, for me to understand something important! I am here…  I am free… I am happy with my decision… Tonight, for the first time, I came alone from work, on foot. I felt powerful, because although it was raining like hell, I could find my way home alone. For the first time I felt that I can do this! I can open my eyes and really see this country… I can open up to this people… I can make new friends… I can win some… I may lose some… I can by myself… and most important… I can make this the best experience possible…

I arrived home totally soaked, with my music playing loud in my ears, singing 🙂 Ghana is growing on me… I feel like I can change the world… I wish this feeling to all interns in the world, that are homesick, that hate themselves for making a certain choice (but just in the first 2 weeks :P), that are scared, in a new country with a totally different culture…

Good luck to me and to us all!

Me adapting 🙂

PS: I promise that I will stop searching for plane tickets every hour 😛

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