My holiday is 20 days away :)

30 08 2010

September is my favourite month in India so far… I know, it didn’t even start 😛 But the fact that on 18th Cosi and Cristi are going to be here… it just makes me very excited 🙂 We sort of have a plan… I do trust Cosi to improve whatever I will come up with in the end… It’s kind of like this… 5 nights in Goa, Candolim Beach, 2 nights in Jaipur, Agra, Delhi and maybe the Golden Temple 🙂

Candolim Beach 😀

I don’t plan to sleep on the beach… as in I want us to visit Old Goa and Panjim, the markets, cathedrals and forts and everything there is to be seen and can be seen in 5 days 🙂 I guess we can sleep on the beach a few hours a day… hopefully I won’t look like chese anymore, after we come back 🙂

I am also happy that I get to go to Jaipur 🙂 I still have time to write a huge e-mail to Sahil and ask him all about it 🙂 I know, I am the worst planner when it comes to holidays… I would have probably seen nothing of Ghana if it weren’t for KLepo, Emma, Sabine, Aqua, William and Lucia 🙂 Sahil wasn’t exactly the planner of our weekend trips 😛

I want to take Cosi to Delhi Haat and Sarojini for shopping and fun… and also there is a one day Delhi tour that is supose to be great 🙂 ( ) The problem with this tour is that you can never be sure that it actually happens… I wanted to go with Ivette and they told us to call them at 7 am in the day of the tour and they will confirm if it happens or no… anyway… hopefully it will be fun… if not, we will just explore the city on our own 😀


I have already been to Agra… I haven’t decided yet if I want to go again… it was beautiful but I don’t know… We will see… but Cosi and Cristi will definitely go… and I just remembered that I need to book some train tickets Jaipur – Delhi… yes, organizing holidays isn’t my biggest talent 😛

And I will take lots and lots of pictures 😀

Me happy 🙂

PS: I am going back to my Indian Vogue. It’s the first fashion magazine I am reading in almost 5 months 🙂

Let it snow :)

6 11 2009

I had a little access to Facebook this morning and I was reading people statuses… of course the ones about snow punched directly to my heart 🙂 I love snow… I like the winter with the Christmas, the hot wine, Santa Claus and the family around the Christmas tree. I like the Christmas holidays because it’s that time of the year that I will always spend with my family, no matter what 🙂

When I went to Shoprite last weekend I had a very good laugh. The entire store was decorated for Christmas. Its 31 degrees outside! It’s hard for me to imagine Christmas when I am wearing shorts and I am drinking cold juice in a failed attempt to chaise away the heat 🙂

God… I can just imagine… It will be fun going back home. Leaving Ghana in shorts and landing in Vienna with only a leather jacket and snickers. But until then… I will enjoy the summer a little bit more :)… It will be fun to have them both in December 😛 First the summer and then the winter, with no autumn in between 😛

Me…  getting ready for the weekend 🙂

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