Passage to India

3 03 2012

Yes, life is good… A few months ago Hiranmay asked me if I found a good nice Indian restaurant in Brussels, close to the foodie experience I had in India… Well, there is a God 🙂 Last night I had an amazing dinner experience with my friends at “Passage to India”. The food is divine and the restaurant is right in my commune, so close to my house that I can’t believe I didn’t saw it since I moved to Brussels last July. It’s on “Chaussee de Louvain 223, 1210 Brussels” and they also have delivery 😀

The owner told us that he imports all the cheese and spices from India and I must say that even our very Indian friend Dipika approved of the merchandise 😀 Unfortunately Rach couldn’t join us but I am sure she would have loved the food too 🙂

Mutton Kashmiri and Mango Lassi

I totally recommend the Mutton Kashmir. I used to hate mutton. I discovered how good it can be in India and last night I just couldn’t help myself. It was heavenly good… Dipika vouches for the Channa Masala and the Mutter Panner and Rochelle for the Butter Chicken. I normally am willing to try out other dishes but I was so happy with my food, the Masala Chai and the Mango Lassi that I wasn’t willing to ruin the taste. The owner reminded me of the times in India when I was asked all the time how spicy I want my food. I remember everybody being concern back then with how much spice I could take… My dish was a sweet one, but he did ask the others how spicy they want the food.

Great service and great atmosphere… We will go there again and again… and again. Especially since they even have Kingfisher Beer 🙂

Here are more pictures 🙂

And it was weekend and FRRO :P

19 04 2010

I am tired tired tired…. And don’t imagine that somebody is killing me at work… because it’s not the case…. I loved every day so far!  It is the HEAT… there were 45 degrees this weekend and I feel like I am melting …Ufff

Nothing much has happened since my last post… I sort of registered to FRRO, I began my motor biking lessons… I checked out 2 of Gurgaon’s clubs and I ate delicious Indian food (which by the way I forgot the name already :()

But going back to FRRO…. FRRO is the Foreign Regional Registration Office or something like that… Once you put your feet on Indian land, you have to register to FRRO. That is if you are spending more than 180 days or 6 months with a business visa.  You have to go and register in 14 days after your arrival; otherwise you will pay a 1400 rupees fine.

And the employees there…  especially a one not very nice and attractive red haired man, well… they will not be very happy to see you and so they will try to make all kind of trouble. Don’t get mad, smile and be polite. It will not help but at least when you will leave, we will not give them the satisfaction of seeing you angry 😀

So I went there… they first told me that my lease contract isn’t good because it’s not stamped. And that my internship letter is not signed on every page… So I went back to the office, the HR Manager signed the internship letter on every page, we put the necessary stamps on my lease contract for the accommodation… and I went back…

Guess what was the next issue? The B letter on my Business visa is not clear… and it could be an S… so they sent me home to write to the Indian Embassy in Bucharest and ask them for a letter saying that I have a Business Visa. So they sort of registered me in the end… but they are waiting me with the letter from the Indian Embassy in Romania…  Oh, and I also need a lease contract with the name of the witnesses written more clearly… they can’t read them also…

So I will have a third “beautiful” meeting with FRRO… by the end of the week I guess… The Indian Embassy in Romania was very nice and fast and gave me the letter today… of course FRRO might ask for the original… just for fun 😛

Me happy 😀

PS: Regarding my weekend…  I love riding on a motorbike… I am afraid I am not a natural and Gautam will kill me by the end of the next lesson but I want this so badly that I have no intention to give up… especially since somebody is selling a bike soon 😀 So keep your fingers crossed 😀

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