Another new beginning

24 01 2015

I am sitting in my childhood bedroom, wrapping my head around what is coming next. The walls are no longer pink and the many faces of Leonardo Di Caprio no longer stare at me. I’ve been a huge fan of his since Baz Luhrmann’s Rome and Juliet, after which my bedroom had his face on every wall. My books are still here, but the old dark red couch was thrown away long ago, a new smaller version taking its place. It almost does not feel like my room anymore. But I digress!

I am super excited and of course also worried. I am leaving a job I truly love behind to move once again to India, this time in Mumbai, for ~11 months. Last time I was in India, while I was walking towards my plane, I made a big cross sign and told myself I will never come back again. I really did! Sometimes I am a believer.

India was hard on me the first time around, although it gave back a lot. What was really bad? Dengue fever. What was really good? A bunch of really wonderful people I am still in touch with and I can’t wait to see again, plus a series of professional skills I built my career on. You could say I could get those anywhere, but the truth of a matter is I feel I had my real start in India, learning from the best and understanding what I really like doing… and its more than communications 🙂 #clubempower

So here I am, waiting for my visa to be ready, looking for a place to stay in Mumbai, reading for the 5th time the website of the organization I will be working with, thinking about communications strategies, child protection policies and another new beginning. When I saw the JD, it was love at first sight. I applied right away and after I accepted their offer, I spent 3 months having doubts, wondering if I am doing the right thing. Those doubts were completely wiped out last week in Klosters, when me and my fellow fellows met for a 5 days preparation program.

Europe is safe, its cozy, I feel very appreciated in my current job, I am surrounded by friends. But asking myself every day if “is this it?” for me signaled a problem. Coming from AIESEC, I do ask myself constantly if I am leaving up to my full potential. Most of the time the answer is NO. While I don’t really care about job titles and money, I do care about being the best version of myself I can be. And lately I did not feel as if I was. First world problem indeed.

So here I am ready for a new journey, a new challenge. Ready to embrace the unknown, work hard, learn new things, give back, embrace chaos, live each day to the fullest. A new adventure.

And until I am leaving, had to move my date from the 31st of Jan to 11th because of visa issues, I am ready to learn a different kind of skills 🙂 My mum will teach me how to cook. Today she and my dad made bread. He prepared the dough, because he has stronger and bigger hands, and she added cheese and olives to the mix, and “popped” them in the oven. The result is below 🙂 Later today we will be making “sărăţele” and “cornuleţe”. I will get my hands “dirty” and feel worthy to eat the result at the end…

Cheers to new beginnings!

#Homemade #bread

Homemade bread with olives and cheese

They call it re-integration!

8 01 2010

I knew by the end of my internship that I will miss Ghana. I never told myself that it’s not going to happen. With good and bad it was the best experience of my life so far. But I also believe that I will enjoy being home a lot more! I guess I am restless… it’s just the way I am!

It’s been good so far. Staying home, seeing some of my friends, which I missed so much, and reconnecting with my family. Not waking up at 5:45 am every morning 😛

The truly annoying part started when I had to face the Romanian bureaucracy. But it’s my fault. I actually had the nerve to go to my former University to ask for my bachelor diploma on 4th of January. Exactly the first day after the holiday! It seems to me that I am a very bad person. The secretary from my former college was very nice. She told me where to go and what I need in order to get my diploma. Fast and simple! But getting that piece of paper was a lot more complicated… Because some people are still in their holiday although officially they are working!

Ok, so it’s 5th of January now. I can totally understand. Right after New Year’s Eve… 5 days after but still… But I finished my studies 1,5 years ago. June 2008… Why does it take 1,5 years to get a piece of paper?

Well I am on my way to Bucharest now. Without my diploma… I didn’t have time to wait for everybody to finish their holiday. I do hope my MA Program won’t require it. Because it might just take a while for the University to release it! I mean there are holidays, long weekends, and personal problems and so on. Putting your signature on a document is a difficult thing to do. It can take years and years and years….!!! Maybe I should go in July 2011. I mean why not? They need time. Evolution is a difficult process. An annoying person requiring diplomas and stuff can block it entirely!

From this point of view it steel feels like I am in Ghana. But I would rather have some heat and fresh mango fruits instead of bureaucracy!

Me remembering how it’s like to be in Romania! And enjoying 🙂 With good and bad!

PS: I wrote this on Tuesday, being kind of annoyed. Meantime I calmed down, although I don’t have my diploma yet 🙂

5 is a magic number!

11 12 2009

I have 5 more full days in Ghana. Wednesday doesn’t count because I will spend it in the airport or in the plane. I was looking at “My 50 days of summer” and at my 5 rules, asking myself if I managed to respect them. Not really!

Rule number 1: No more homesickness! – I didn’t totally respect it… I learned that being homesick is not something that you can control. There are small things that remind you of home, a smell, someone’s smile, someone’s laughter, an e-mail from your friends… all this things that you can’t control and that have the power to take you for a second in the past, where you are surrounded by friends or family. I also learn that homesickness makes the adventure more intense, more powerful, shows you new perspectives upon things and life that otherwise you might have missed!

Rule number 2: No more counting down the days! – Well I did try but when you have a calendar on your desk is kind of impossible to stop doing it 😛 And again… I did try! I only cut down the days when I was angry or sad or homesick… I even had days when I didn’t noticed the calendar and I had to cut down 3 days or even 4 at a time… mostly after weekends 😛

Rule number 3: Spend enough time with the friends I made here! – I will never be able to say that I spent enough time with the friends I have made here. This shouldn’t have been a rule from the beginning. It’s just not possible! That’s why we have to meet again 😀 A Generation2009 Ghanaian reunion :D… not necessarily in Ghana… It can be Germany, US, India, New Zeeland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, The Nederland’s, Canada, Romania… It’s just too soon to choose 😛

Rule number 4: Make sure I visit everything I haven’t so far… like Togo or Cote d’Ivoire – I didn’t visit Togo or Cote d’Ivoire, I didn’t have the time or the money… but now I see it as one more reason to come back to Africa! And I will come back; it’s just a matter of time 🙂

Rule number 5: Don’t leave the shopping for the last week… – I managed to respect this one… I have only a few minor things to buy… Like getting the last 5 skirts from the seamstress. I am coming back with 13 skirts… And this is kind of funny when thinking that until I came to Ghana I wore a skirt maximum 5 times a year! In the last 5 months I spent 90% of the time wearing a skirt… and this says a lot… I don’t know if about me or about the weather in Ghana 😛

I have a weird feeling when thinking about my decision to come here. My sister asked me today why I came here. Why didn’t I wait to find an internship in Europe, for one year, which would have given me a sense of security?

Why wait? We only live once and we don’t get younger or bolder. With age comes responsibility… There was no better time for me to come here! Yeah, now I am going home… The world is in a financial crisis, Romania is in a political and financial crisis. I don’t have a job. I don’t have money. So what? When did any of these things stopped the world from spinning, stopped the time or stopped people from achieving personal success? It’s a crisis… Screw it! I am going home! 🙂

Me happy!

One of those days…

23 10 2009

Today I miss my family… Today I miss my friends… I miss Romania… I miss good bread… I miss being able to go to the corner supermarket and just buy a good sandwich… I miss taking care of my plants… I miss my cat… and my room… the hot water and the blue bathroom… my shampoo brand which I couldn’t find here so far… I miss my library and the soft pillows from my favorite chair… I miss Delicious DANONE with strawberry… and many other things…

Today I am homesick! Again!

It’s my father’s birthday so I think this is the cause. I am sure my mother made his favorite apple cake with lots and lots of cream… Although I prefer the chocolate one, I would kill for a piece… and for the chance to sit in my parents’ huge kitchen and have a laugh with them…

I called my father in the morning and he joked saying that his girls and his nephew are near and that my mother is far away, in the garden… Well, I am just a continent away… I guess the distance isn’t that big 😛

This week was a weirdish one… The time went by so slowly… I had a lot to work and although it was fun I feel like it’s a never ending story… I want December to come faster. I want to go to Vienna and to Locarno, visit my friends and my sister, buy a new IPod Nano to replace the one that was stolen…

What I wish right now it’s impossible for today but I still can’t help it… I am happy we are going to Ada Foah tomorrow… the beach will be great… and the sun… and the water… There are 31 Celsius degrees in Accra but somehow I miss the autumn in Romania… We always want what we can’t have and that makes us unhappy… Well… I am homesick and I can’t help it!

A few days ago two Romanian girls wrote to me and asked me about how life in Ghana is. They might come here with AIESEC 🙂 The Romanian group is getting bigger I guess… and here I am, having one of those days… when I just want to leave…

Soon enough… I guess 😐

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